ApexDesk Elite Series Review

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The apex desk Elite Series 71 is an electric standing desk that is a must-have for every office duty. Ergonomic and space efficient construction that will significantly improve your posture because if you use it in the standing or the sitting mode from the Sun perspective. The apex is 71 inches wide 33 inches deep and has a maximum holding capacity of an impressive 225 pounds.

Key Features of ApexDesk Elite Series:

  • Ergonomic and space efficient construction.
  • Maximum holding capacity 225 pounds.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Available of six wood colors.
  • Crafted by using an MDF board.

The tabletop was crafted by using an MDF board that makes the desk 30 solid resistant to scratches and able to maintain its original quality even if you’ve been using it for a really long period of time. I really like the walnut and black combination but you can also choose from six wood colors that are available to you. If you think that this college isn’t for you the reason why I like this color combo is a walnut table top and a black framing.

This desk to interval for any office decor say the colors are more natural the black steel frame that supports the desk is a component by a one-piece center beam. With two integrated motors that will allow you to adjust the height based on your preferences to be more precise.

You get truths from 29 inches to 48 inches of height which is really good since use it from different heights can use the apex without any problem. In addition, studies have proven the sitting in the same position leads to some problem with your back a posture. Well with this desk that wouldn’t be a thing because you can always elevate it and have a healthier position. This will result in an increased productivity which is always demanded by everyone and especially by your employer. So, you can do plenty of desks in a shorter period of time.

To conclude I suggest you seriously consider this desk as your next purchase and if you ever decide to buy it will instantly feel the difference and the apex will ensure that you wouldn’t be disappointed with your decision.

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